Baby Proofing Your Home in the Modern World

As expecting parents, new parents, or veteran “we’ve been there done that” parents, odds are you’ve done your homework on baby proofing. You know kids love to get into trouble. They climb things they shouldn’t, grab dangerous stuff, and put everything right in their mouths. You also know it’s your job to stop them by:

  • Watching them relentlessly.
  • Keeping dangerous stuff out of their reach.
  • Covering up absolutely anything they could hurt themselves with.
  • Keeping them in safe places.

But in our modern, device driven days, the standard baby proofing methods for getting this stuff done are changing. Gadgets, TVs, devices, and chargers fill our homes more than ever before. So while the classics of baby proofing (childproof drawer locks, corner covers, bathtub mats, etc.) are still vital to use, it’s smart to know some modern baby proofing techniques too:

 1. Secure every TV

Flat screen TV’s are the norm these days and we’re putting them in every room and on every conceivable surface in the house. But that can pose a serious problem to kids who love to climb and grab stuff. So wherever you put your TV, make sure it’s secured and bracketed down so they don’t fall or tip over.

2. Keep phone chargers and laptop cords away and out of reach

Cords are serious dangers to children. But since most of us plug in our cell phones every night or keep our laptops charged while we use them, cords are just part of our daily lives! So while you don’t have to change your device habits, it is good to keep those cords away from your kids. Put chargers high up and out of reach. The same goes for power strips and extension cords. Try snaking them behind or on top of furniture where little exploring hands can’t get to them.

3. Secure your furniture

Desks, chairs, tables, shelves, and other pieces of furniture are fun to climb on…but if they’re not secured with wall restraints or brackets, they could tip over.

4. Keep that video monitor out of their reach

A lot of modern parents are using new video baby monitors instead of the classic audio-only ones. They’re visual, easy to use, and some of them even have night vision (pretty cool right?)! But remember that cords can pose a serious danger to young children, even video monitor cords. So if you use one, make sure it’s set up far out of their reach and away from the crib, or it’s wireless, so they can’t hurt themselves.

5. Use new outlet covers with sliding door

Classic baby proofing practices say to plug up electrical outlets around the house. And it works! But the thing is, sometimes we need to use those outlets, and getting the old plastic covers off is tough…even for adults! Plus, even when you get them out, they can pose a choking threat if you don’t pocket them quickly. So to get around all that, try using newer outlet covers with sliding doors. They give you quick access to the outlet if you need it, automatically cover it safely when you’re not using it, and you never have to remove them…so no choking hazards.

Let’s be honest though. In the real modern world, there’s no such thing as a 100% baby proofed house. Kids are innovative daredevils…they’ll climb stuff and get into things you never expected. You can read every book, take every piece of advice, and buy every fancy thing from every baby store and kids will still find ways of surprising you.

That’s why the best practice for baby proofing is always just to keep a watchful eye on your baby and keep them out of trouble!

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